About Greg

I am Greg Durocher, founder of Overhaul Strategies. I invested roughly half of my life in the fire service. I was a career firefighter/paramedic for thirteen years and a volunteer for five years prior to that.

For more than 15 years I have been a student of human behavior and change. I have trained under and learned from the very best in the world: Tony Robbins, Steve Linder, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, John Gray, Deborah Battersby and many others. My training includes: Strategic Intervention, Neurostrategies, NLP, Hypnotherapy and EmMatrix.

I was joined in this life journey in 2002 when I met my amazing wife, friend and lover, Amie. They have three children and they live, work and play in Denver, Colorado.

Like any normal couple we have had our rough times and very happy times. I can tell you with total honesty, that if we did not have the tools and strategies we have learned over the years, it is very likely we would have become part of the divorce statistic and not be happily married now. Do we still “have our moments”? Sure but they are fewer. We catch ourselves and come out much quicker and even more in love.

As a firefighter part of my job was child passenger safety. As another area of prevention, it became a passion that started second entrepreneurial venture, Safe Ride 4 Kids. Through that venture, I have studied business and what it means to be a CEO or entrepreneur. I took classes at the Denver Small Business Development Center where I eventually became one of their trainers and consultants.

I have put together my coaching background and business background to coach fellow business owners.