magnetsem>from the woman’s side of things… It seems to be the topic of discussion lately. So I thought maybe I’d join the discussion since it’s on the universe’s mind or the universe keeps bringing it to my attention for some reason.

Now I’ve been learning about polarity, masculine and feminine, and the difference between men and women for a couple of years now. I suppose if you think about it, the education started early on and has continued throughout my life. Unfortunately I’m starting to believe some of the education and most of the instruction I was given seems to have been based on misinformation. At least that’s the case for what I’ll call my “primary” male/female education.

To sum up my primary education they would include statements like: “it’s a man’s world,” “women are as strong as men,” “don’t depend on a man to provide for you,” “men don’t listen (or talk),” “men only want one thing from women” (which may be true but not what you think, read on).

And what are boys told as they are growing into men? They are told things like: “you need to be sensitive,” “women are crazy and hormonal,” “women will just try to catch you and control you,” “women are manipulative.”

One of the primary lessons was kind of right; women are hormonal and yes that sometimes makes us crazy. but as it is how we are made, how about we all just embrace it instead of fighting it?

What I call my “secondary” education really began a couple of years ago. In addition to my own observations, it includes information (also known as informed opinions) from people like Anthony Robbins, Alison Armstrong and maybe some John Gray among others.

There are definitely feminine and masculine energies. And while we all have both in us our current society seems to be driving us to our opposite pole which really just seems to confuse us. Now it’s a good thing to have both parts and to be able to switch as needed. At our core, the place where we feel most at home, is one or the other energy. When we strive to be other than that, it’s like there’s a battle of the sexes going on within our own self.

Where this really comes into play is in our intimate relationships. If there is a battle of the sexes in you and a battle of the sexes in your significant other, it is difficult for the cores within to shine out and attract each other.

Do you ever wonder where the passion went in your relationship? It wasn’t life conditions; it wasn’t the kids; it wasn’t work. It was that you (and probably your partner) lost touch with your core energy. The feminine and masculine are like magnets that attract each other. You need to turn your core energy back on thereby turning the magnet back toward attracting each other.

Masculine needs to be their masculine, strong, centered, present, dependable selves. Feminine needs to be their feminine, open, vulnerable, feeling and a bit crazy selves. Women this does not mean be weak. Being feminine is still strong; femininity — if it is your core — is where your power comes from. So turn it on, dance naked, wear pink lace, whatever it looks like for you. Turn it on and see how it turns on the masculine in your man.

Then let your man feel you happy. That is really the “one thing” men are after in a relationship, the feminine being happy. They feel like they get to take credit for every time women are happy, and it makes them feel triumphant. As a friend of mine says, “happy wife, happy life.”

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