To Worry or Not to Worry

iStock_000011977738XSmallFrom the Woman’s Side of Things… I recently heard a story about a woman who was feeling tremendous worry. She questioned how it served her and what might happen if she let it go. She realized she held the worry thinking if she let it go she might not deal with the problem.

I went through the exercise myself with a concern I had regarding finances. I realized to I held on to the worry thinking if I did not I wouldn’t take care of my concern. But in actuality, if I let go, I know I would still resolve the situation. I just wouldn’t be worried in the meantime. Either way it’s where I am, either way it will be dealt with so why put my mind and body through the worry? In the end it doesn’t serve me.

Of course sometimes this is easier said than done. I still on occasion open my accounts log and initiate worry. I have to remind myself it doesn’t serve me. Somehow I’ll resolve it. I always have before. I will this time too. I think there is a lesson in here somewhere, what am I supposed to learn?

I’ve always been a worrier. I remember when I was 10 being so worried about a book report I was arguing with my dad about needing to stay up and get it completed right there and then. He finally asked when it was due to which I responded, “in two weeks.” I must have run out of other things to worry about! The worry didn’t serve me at all — nor did the frustration of arguing with my dad. And although I did go to bed that night, the book report was done in plenty of time.

If you believe in the law of attraction, you know the more you worry about something the more likely it will come to fruition. Unfortunately, I’ve learned this lesson many times, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in really big, painful ways. It’s a matter of putting a lot of energy — useless energy as it may be — into something so the universe thinks you want it. I’ve read once or twice before about how negative energy such as worry and it’s counterpart fear put more energy out to the universe than positive so it makes it even more likely to come about.

What does this tell us? Worry is not only a waste of our time and energy. It can also limit what we see as our choices. Our fear can close off our minds to possible solutions. It does not help us get what we want, worry may even lead to us receiving exactly what we didn’t want, what we feared coming true.

So what are some ways you can let go of the worry once you decide it really doesn’t serve you? Well there’s always prayer. Offer your concerns to God, ask him to help you see a way. There’s meditation, just letting go of everything for a time in quiet nothingness. You could take a step however small toward the resolution of what ever you are worried about. One small step after one small step and you’ll begin to build on the momentum. Before you know it, the problem is gone. Often when taking action you can be so wrapped up in the actions that you temporarily forget the worry so it’s also a form of letting go.

Acceptance of what is neutralizes the worry and fear. Sometimes it’s a belief that all things are as they are supposed to be. Change the language and it changes the meaning. Good things are great, bad things are lessons.

Blessings of worry free days.

The Woman’s Side of Things posts are written by the coach’s wife, Amie Durocher

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